Visionary Athlete

The Education Program

The Visionary Athlete Education program is a tool and skill program that measures the holistic development of the human.

The human behind the athlete

We take a step back and focus on the Human. Visionary Athlete see the bigger picture and let you build your character trough different workshops. We look at your purpose and your why before we talk performance.

Build the athlete you want to become and the person you want to be.

Vision and mission

The Visionary Athlete Education Programs main goal is to achieve the same acknowledgment and acceptance as other Bachelor Degree educations. You learn a lot as a professional athlete throughout you career but without getting any sort of certificate or formal documentation for the gained skills. We have a clear mission to change that.

Trough our program and trough being an athlete you develop skills and strong values which can be applied both inside and outside the sports world. You get formed and educated with values and attributes that is very unique and requested in other fields.

Educate Yourself

Understand the importance of developing different tools and skills. You get the opportunity to educate yourself and get better every day. Let us help you become the best version of yourself. The knowledge you gain from graduating as a Visionary Athlete gives you a unique, competitive advantage and an edge when competing with other athletes and in your future.